Estate Planning and Probate

Having an estate plan will put your mind at ease. Whether you need a will, trust or power of attorney, we offer a variety of estate plans to suit your needs for the benefit of your loved ones.

Estate Administration

There are many ways to settle the affairs of those who have passed away. Let us help figure out which option is the most cost-effective way to settle your loved one’s estate.

Family Law

A Family Law Firm Focused On Families’ Needs

Yes, Texas has laws defining family relationships, rights and responsibilities. Yes, courts have specific procedures and rules about how to get a divorce, establish child custody, modify court orders and legally change a name. However, your family, your children and your individual needs are unique. A family law attorney who takes time to listen and understand can pursue the pathways likely to lead to the results you seek.

Handling Divorce, Custody And Other Family Law Matters

At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, we focus on helping people find solutions that make sense for their families in areas of the law such as:

Divorce or separation

Child custody and child support

Other child-related issues

Our firm can help you petition the court for a legal change of your first name, last name or both. We advocate for fathers’ rights, mothers’ rights and grandparents’ rights. In all areas involving children, we stand for the best interests of the child. At the same time, we represent our clients’ positions zealously and skillfully.

Divorce Your Way

Your Divorce: Contested or Uncontested? Negotiated, Mediated, or Litigated?

Although divorce is a common experience, it is also a very personal, private family matter at the core. Every marriage and every marital breakup is unique. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, you can count on individualized legal counsel as you prepare for:

  • An uncontested divorce for which you and your spouse agree on property division, alimony, child custody, and child support.
  • A contested divorce for which you and your spouse must find a way to resolve different viewpoints about the division of assets and debts, parenting plans, and spousal support.
  • A legal separation, perhaps leading to divorce later on.

Divorce planning, when you have the opportunity, is a sensible, thoughtful approach. If you have time, you can inventory assets, document your parenting routines and prepare a compelling case for receiving or limiting payments for spousal support.

Sometimes you do not have the luxury of planning ahead. Perhaps your spouse surprised you with an announcement of a separation or petition for divorce. Domestic violence or accusations of domestic violence may factor into the equation. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, TX, we pledge to listen carefully to your perspectives and offer solutions appropriate to your family law case.

Child Custody

How To Protect Parental Rights And Children’s Best Interests In Custody Cases

As you and your spouse or domestic partner come to terms with a divorce or separation, you may disagree on many things except one: You and your partner likely both want the best for your children. However, it may be difficult to arrive at an agreement on what kind of parenting plan will preserve children’s rights, parental rights and overall stability for all family members.

The law emphasizes the best interests of the child in all family law matters involving children. Although you may agree in principle, it can still be difficult to grow accustomed to sharing custody or adapting to whatever living situation you, your children and the other parent will now know as normal.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer On Your Side Can Help You Stay Focused On What Matters Most To Your Family

Keeping a level head and thinking rationally may sound reasonable but be difficult to achieve at this time. You and the other parent may naturally want to keep your child or children close to you and “on your side.” Using children as pawns or messengers between parents is not good for them or for you and your spouse, ex-spouse, or previous domestic partner.

For all these reasons, it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney through the process of determining how child custody and visitation will work after a divorce or separation. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, Texas, we are prepared to fight for your children’s best interests and for the outcome you believe is best for them and for you.

As we advise you and prepare you for family law court hearings, we will educate you and dispel myths that may stand in the way of a conclusion of your case. We will help you understand the difference between child custody and child support. Even if the other parent falls behind on child support payments, that does not mean he or she cannot continue sharing custody. Support and custody are separate matters. If you need help with the enforcement of a court order or pursuit of a modified court order, our law firm can help.

Name Changes

For A Legal Name Change, Work Closely With An Experienced Lawyer

You may wish to pursue a legal name change for one or more of these reasons:

  • To eliminate or reduce errors in daily life if your given name has an unusual spelling or pronunciation
  • To change, add or subtract surnames — such as when Spanish speakers want to add a hyphen between paternal and maternal surnames, combine an original surname and a spouse’s surname, or remove a mother’s surname
  • To adopt an “Americanized” first name if your given name creates obstacles in daily life or comes from an entirely different naming tradition
  • For changes in gender identification

These are just a few examples of why people seek legal name changes. Whatever your reasons, it is important to follow legal requirements. You will want to avoid any appearance that you are trying to hide from law enforcement or otherwise deceive or defraud anyone. There are specific parental notification requirements for changing a child’s name. And if you are changing your name because of a divorce, you should be able to accomplish this through the divorce petition and decree. Talk to an attorney for clarification and direction about your particular situation or your child’s situation.

The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, Texas, provides a full array of family law services and related legal services such as assistance with real estate transactions, estate planning, and name changes.

What To Do When You Are Thinking About A Name Change

For best results, consult with a lawyer as soon as you are considering petitioning a court for a name change. We can advise you on ways to streamline necessary steps and prevent trouble with regard to:

  • Real estate titles and deeds
  • Passports and driver’s licenses
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Social Security
  • School and professional records
  • Licenses and permits
  • Financial records such as debt repayment
  • Taxes
  • Other legal matters such as adoption, bankruptcy

Bring your proposal and concerns to our attention, and we will gladly help you pursue the desired name change and advise you on any related matters such as those listed above.

Modifications of Existing Orders

When Existing Family Law Court Orders Need To Be Modified

Once you obtain a divorce decree or child custody and support order, you may feel a sense of finality and relief as you walk out of the courthouse. However, life will go on and circumstances may change. You may eventually find you need to ask a court for a modified custody or support order if:

  • One or both parents will move out of the area
  • One or both parents have changes in income
  • A child develops special needs
  • One or both parents have changed work schedules
  • The parent paying child support falls behind in payments
  • Either parent becomes unfit to care for a child without supervision

What about property division and your divorce decree? Typically, details of your divorce are not modifiable. There are exceptions, such as if:

  • You discover your spouse had hidden assets
  • You discover your spouse’s share in the division of marital property was unfairly affected by some type of fraud or legal malpractice

If you believe there are strong reasons to appeal a divorce or ask for a new trial, talk this over with a lawyer. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, Texas, you can count on empathy as well as honesty. We offer listening ears and credible case analyses. If a modification is justifiable — or if you are justified in protesting the other parent’s proposed modification — we will help you design a strategy for pursuing a fair and timely court decision.

Immigration Services

Immigration laws in the United States are complex and exceedingly difficult to navigate. Policies, injunctions, presidential proclamations, travel bans, executive orders, and the like from the current administration are interrupting people’s possibilities of legalizing in the United States. We are equipped to handle immigration matters in this ever-changing political landscape. Contact us for a consultation with our attorney.

Handling all realms of immigration law

  • Applications and representation for U.S. Citizenship
  • Derivation of citizenship to minors or adult family members
  • Attendance to interviews
  • Renewals of permanent resident cards
  • Adjustment of status “green card” applications under many categories
  • Petitions through US citizen / permanent resident spouses
  • Petitions through US citizen sons and daughters
  • Petitions through US citizen siblings
  • Petitions through US citizen fiancé
  • Widow(er) Petitions
  • Attendance to interviews
  • NAFTA Professionals from Canada and Mexico (Initial and Renewals)
  • L visas for intracompany transferees for Executives and Managers
  • L visa for intracompany transferees for Specialized Knowledge Workers
  • L visas for spouses and children
  • Adjustment of status “green card” applications through employers
  • H1-B applications for foreign workers in Specialty Occupations
  • U visa applications for victims of criminal activity in the United States
  • T visa applications for victims of human trafficking
  • VAWA applications for victims of domestic violence by spouses and children
  • Change or extension of status
  • DACA Renewals
  • TPS renewals
  • Renewals of work permits
  • FOIA requests with USCIS, DHS, CBP, FBI, DOS
  • Motions to Reopen and Reconsider before USCIS
  • Parole for spouses or parents of US military members
  • Applications for immigrant and non-immigrant visas for clients from all over the world
  • Preparing for interviews abroad in consular offices around the globe
  • Waivers based on unlawful presence, bars, or past criminal activity
  • Representation before immigration courts
  • Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and Protection under Convention Against Torture
  • Cancellation of Removal for permanent residents and for non-permanent residents
  • Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

Real Estate and Title

Buying or selling a home or commercial property? Our office is a fee attorney office for Community National Title, and we can assist you with your real estate needs.


Real estate closings can often be a very complicated and arduous process for buyers and sellers. And when you are purchasing your dream home or investment property, it is important to have someone you can trust to do the job both correctly and expediently.

With over 10 years of experience in the title industry, Yolanda Castro-Dominguez understands the intricacies of the closing process from beginning to end and appreciates that her clients are trusting her in their buying or selling needs. She is happy to lend knowledge and opinion of what she has learned in the title industry to her clients, as well as reviewing each closing document, to ensure they can make an informed decision and are satisfied with the end result.

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