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When Existing Family Law Court Orders Need To Be Modified

Once you obtain a divorce decree or a child custody and support order, you may feel a sense of finality and relief as you walk out of the courthouse. However, life will go on and circumstances may change. You may eventually find you need to ask a court for a modified custody or support order if:

  • One or both parents will move out of the area
  • One or both parents have changes in income
  • A child develops special needs
  • One or both parents have changed work schedules
  • The parent paying child support falls behind in payments
  • Either parent becomes unfit to care for a child without supervision

What about property division and your divorce decree? Typically, details of your divorce are not modifiable. There are exceptions, such as if:

  • You discover your spouse had hidden assets
  • You discover your spouse’s share in division of marital property was unfairly affected by some type of fraud or legal malpractice

If you believe there are strong reasons to appeal a divorce or ask for a new trial, talk this over with a lawyer. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, Texas, you can count on empathy as well as honesty. We offer listening ears and credible case analyses. If a modification is justifiable — or if you are justified in protesting the other parent’s proposed modification — we will help you design a strategy for pursuing a fair and timely court decision.

Consult With An Experienced Family Law Attorney About A Proposed Modification To Custody Or Support

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