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How To Protect Parental Rights And Children’s Best Interests In Custody Cases

As you and your spouse or domestic partner come to terms with a divorce or separation, you may disagree on many things except one: You and your partner likely both want the best for your children. However, it may be difficult to arrive at an agreement on what kind of parenting plan will preserve children’s rights, parental rights and overall stability for all family members.

The law emphasizes the best interests of the child in all family law matters involving children. Although you may agree in principle, it can still be difficult to grow accustomed to sharing custody or adapting to whatever living situation you, your children and the other parent will now know as normal.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer On Your Side Can Help You Stay Focused On What Matters Most To Your Family

Keeping a level head and thinking rationally may sound reasonable but be difficult to achieve at this time. You and the other parent may naturally want to keep your child or children close to you and “on your side.” Using children as pawns or messengers between parents is not good for them or for you and your spouse, ex-spouse or previous domestic partner.

For all these reasons, it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney through the process of determining how child custody and visitation will work after a divorce or separation. At The Law Office of Yolanda Castro-Dominguez, PLLC, in Irving, Texas, we are prepared to fight for your children’s best interests and for the outcome you believe is best for them and for you.

As we advise you and prepare you for family law court hearings, we will educate you and dispel myths that may stand in the way of a conclusion of your case. We will help you understand the difference between child custody and child support. Even if the other parent falls behind on child support payments, that does not mean he or she cannot continue sharing custody. Support and custody are separate matters. If you need help with enforcement of a court order or pursuit of a modified court order, our law firm can help.

Learn What You Need To Know To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationships

This brief discussion about child custody and child support is general and may not pertain to your family’s case. It only scratches the surface. In consultations with a knowledgeable lawyer, you can discover key areas of awareness that may help you and your child through the legal processes as reasonably as can be. Call 972-600-8045 or send an email message to schedule a consultation with an experienced Irving, TX, child custody attorney.